A Broad, Abroad – 14 Dec 2012
by Jo Dean

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Novelist and poet Jo Dean has published four earlier novels – Forty Not Famous, Stage Left, Love No Marriage and Dallas Revisited. Each of these follows the exploits of Henrietta in her pursuit of happiness. A Broad, Abroad follows Henrietta’s hilarious journey from her Hollywood home to the tropical climes of Barbados and the Paradise Hotel where she meets an aging reformed alcoholic Irishman called Jim. Henrietta’s own relationship with Guy, her guy and film producer boyfriend is sadly on the rocks and he has disappeared to make a documentary in the African Bush. Jim believes that Henrietta needs saving in more ways than one and that he is just the man to do it. Henrietta’s idea of a fantasy holiday and final fling before while her own career hits the floor, turns into a nightmare, especially when her friend Sal is kidnapped by a has-been rock star and there is murder on the dance floor – but whose? Laugh along with Henrietta as she tries once and for all to find the love and happiness she seeks. Will it come at last? Or will her guy ride off into the sunset with his new found Angel and Henrietta be left only with broken wings and nail biting flight home? . Readers, who are familiar with Jo Dean’s work, will not be disappointed by this latest sojourn into glamorous world of five star luxury hotels.