Dallas Revisited – 2 Feb 2012
by Jo Dean

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Dallas Revisited follows Henrietta’s hilarious journey from her country cottage to the Hollywood Hills as she embarks on a career as a writer with her young son in tow.   Henrietta finds that not only does life imitate art, but TV, as she moves from watching endless reruns of the popular eighties soap Dallas as a  lonely single parent, to living a life that’s strangely reminiscent.

Readers, who are familiar with Jo Dean’s work, will not be disappointed by this latest sojourn into Hollywood glamour.  Jo Dean combines wit with characters that are identifiable and familiar to us all. 

The added ingredient of merging the world of popular soap opera with the problems of single parenthood will have you laughing out loud.

 Jo’s books lead us into the realms of fantasy, but in such a way as to be believable and for anyone who has enjoyed American Soap, this will be a particular treat.