Stage Left Paperback – 14 Oct 2004
by Jo Dean

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…This was not the first time I had woken up with the feeling that everything was not exactly where it should be in my life.  This certainly wasn’t what I had been promised by Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins and Michael Winner.  Where was the happy ending with the romantic hero carrying me off into eternal boredom, motherhood and lifelong drudgery? My life plan had gone seriously awry.  I was supposed to be a famous actress by now with a high profile husband to match, but instead I was still single and anonymous and I had courted fame in vain, whilst being courted by vain men.

At what point exactly did I realise that all those dreams I’d had as a girl had merged into the memory trash can and were well on their way to being deleted? True to my heroine and mentor, Erica Jong, I had sworn allegiance to the goddess of freedom, frolicking and fellas galore, but the outcome was still supposed to be fifteen toasters and a lifetime guarantee.  Well, perhaps it wasn’t all over yet.  There was still plenty of time to do some serious damage….